Thursday, June 2, 2011


    Implementing blended learning requires knowledge of the variety of methods, namely, blogs, podcasts, websites and wikis as well as time to invest in the familiarization of the chosen technological resource and then, using it in and out of the classroom (Sharma and Barrett, 2007). This is absolutely true when creating and designing a wiki.

    A wiki is “a website on which the pages can be edited by the users as well as the creator” (op. cit. p, 119). That is one of the reasons why wikis are said to be more interactive than blogs. They also improve communication and interaction among users (Wikipedia, 2010).

    Educators are implementing wikis into their classes since they promote collaborative work and encourage students’ participations. According to Sharma and Barrett (2007), wikis offer learners the opportunity to collaborate on tasks outside the language classroom. Additionally, they state that the nature of wikis is sharing knowledge and commenting on the users’ input. Therefore, learners can learn from each other.

    As a digital immigrant user, since I am not part of the Net Generation, I realize that it is not enough to decide to implement new resources into the classroom. It also implies to be aware of the time that one has to invest to get familiar with the tools. I have been working very hard to create and design a wiki to improve communication and encourage interaction among my students and it is time consuming. However, it is my belief that it will be worthy at the end.


  1. Hi lisbeth. I agree with you when you say that creating a wiki is time consuming. Well, being immersed in ICT environment in general is time consuming indeed. You know what?, this was the starting point that led me to reset my priorities.Having my daughter as my main priority.

  2. Hello lis. What you say is true. Designing any activity that requires the use of technological devices and inserting them is our classroom definitely takes more than while. That is why they must definitely be planned in advanced and of course have a specific purpose. Having the students create and use technological artifacts such as wikis, blogs, portfolios, etc. just for the sake of using them because it is a fad does not make any sense.

  3. Dear Albis and Cesar, I think we are sometimes on the border of one thing and another, and we should make decisions for the benefit of our people. Who are our people? Students, members of the family, colleagues, friends…However, I strongly believe that what we need is organizing our personal and professional lives in order to place each thing on its right position. We have to keep the balance. And yes Cesar, your point is quite clear.

  4. Hi Lis. Following the same line of thought of ALbis and Cesar I totally agree with you. Using,learning and applying technology in our classes is a very consumming process, specially if you take into consideration that to be able to take advantage of it, you first have to become quite proficient yourself, so you can teach your students to use it and to take the maximun benefit from it.